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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

What about health and fitness

 What about health and fitnessActive makes a person healthy and strong.Not only for people who have a weight problem but for everyone who loves to stay fit.There are a lot a person can do such as jogging or walking every morning, playing basketball or any other sport with friends but if a person wants to have muscles and look lean, then one can anticipate and workout in the gym.
People workout for 3 reasons;
The first is that the person is suffering from weight gain, and the only way to lose those extra pounds will be to reduce the calories and workout at the same time in the gym.
The second is that the person is underweight, and the only way to add extra weight and get more calories in the diet, including the workout.
The third is just for fun and to keep that person in shape.
Should be the best exercise plan exercises the heart and blood vessels, and weight.This helps to burn calories and increase the proportion of fat in the muscles that will increase metabolism, including the gain or weight loss.
Just like taking any medicine, one should first consult a physician before undergoing any form of exercise.Here are some of the benefits of exercise;
1.It is the easiest way to maintain and improve the health of a variety of diseases and premature deaths.
2.Studies have shown that it makes a person feel happier and increases self-confidence which prevent one from falling into depression or anxiety.
3. An active lifestyle makes a person live longer than the person who is not.
Should be working out for someone who has not done it before gradually.Will not be building stamina in one day, and doing it repeatedly will surely be beneficial to the people.

It is advisable to workout regularly with a reasonable diet.
Anyone can consult with a dietitian or health professional to really help plan a good diet program.Begins by evaluating the lifestyle and the health of the patient before you can make any program.
After that, they are thoroughly discussed and recommended that the person who usually consists of eating plan and exercise program that does not require the use of supplements or one to purchase any expensive fitness equipment.
Should follow a good diet and food from all food groups.
Monitor the rate of 2 things.The first is carbohydrates. Should be that a person consumes food, vitamins, minerals and fiber.There are a lot of this comes from oats, rice, potatoes and grains.

The best still come from vegetables, fruits, and phytochemicals from this, enzymes and micronutrients that are essential to a healthy diet.
The second is fat which can come from single-and multi-saturated food sources rather than animal fats.Since fat contains more than twice the number of calories in food, should be taken in small quantities to gain or lose weight.
Another way to stay healthy is to give up some vices.Most people smoke and drink.It is proven that smoking causes lung cancer and other diseases as well complications for women giving birth.
Have shown drinking too much alcohol also to do the same.
For people who do not smoke, it is best to stay away from people who do not, because studies have shown that smokers are exposed to the risk of cancer due to secondary smoke inhalation.


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