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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Weight loss excuses and how to use it- physical workouts

Weight loss excuses and how to use it

It can be very hard to loose weight, a little or a lot. That's why we often make excuses for why we haven't lost any weight yet.
The sad truth is, though, that we are holding ourselves.†back from losing the weight we want and from getting healthier if we keep finding excuses. 
We really should not let weight loss excuses get in the way of our success.
Let's have a look at the most used weight loss excuses and see how to beat them so we can overcome them and finally lose the weight we want and start feeling better!

Excuse # 1 - choosing and preparing healthier food will take more time

Are you making the excuse that you don't have enough time to make healthy eating choices? 
Ask yourself another question. Do you have time to get sick? 
Taking time to choose healthier food and adding the extra little bit of time it might take to prepare isn't just important for losing weight. Your overall health will benefit from it, too. 
You should always have time to make and follow through with choices that keep you healthy.

Excuse #2 - I do not like exercising and it takes too much time out of my day

Many people don't like to exercise.
For them exercise is strenuous and takes a lot of effort. And its true, the more you weigh, the harder exercise gets.
But it is just as important to get are trying to loose moving if you weight. Many people use the excuse that they do not like to exercise. Well - simply to get your metabolism firing and burning those calories you have to get active.
And really, the excuse about taking too much time... I believe anybody can find 30 minutes a day to go for a brisk walk.
 Even if it's with a pram, or in your backyard, just get out and do it. I had a while when I got up at 5:30 in the every morning and went for a walk with my dogs, because I could't not fit it in my day otherwise. 
It is possible! So it is a fact that 30 minutes a day of exercise will help you lose extra weight and improve your overall health.
Still If you have a problem with "exercising" per se, just focus on doing something active that you enjoy. 
Have fun outside with your kids - they will love you for it or be more active by making different choices during the day:
Take the stairs every time you have a choice.Park the car further away from the shops when you go shopping.Walk or cycle everywhere possible.
See housework like vacuuming and cleaning as exercise - it can really burn calories! (Tip: I put my ipod in my ear and listen to my favorite music when doing it, it makes me feel more energized, I work faster and get more done!)

Excuse #3 - I'm not a very good cook, especially when it comes to preparing healthy food

You should not let the fact that you can't cook or do not like to cook get in the way of your weight loss. These days, if you don't know how to cook there are fortunately many healthy choices you can make in the supermarket.
 It is easier than ever to find healthy, already prepared snacks or meals in the stores. It can be easy to cook (or microwave ) up a healthy storm! Here in our supermarkets you can get brands like healthy choice, lean cuisine and other brands that actually button quite nice. So no excuses!
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Excuse #4 - I need my sweets, I can't live without them

Contrary to what you might think, it is OK to have some sweets even if you are trying to loose weight.
If you have been sweet foods as "bad", you have to stop.
Otherwise you will feel guilty when eating them, and that can be detrimental to your weight loss.
 Instead, embrace sweets, allow yourself to have some occasionally and just limit your intake.
If you allow yourself some sweets occasionally and in a controlled manner, like just a small amount of dark chocolate every night, you want much easier find it to stick to your improved eating habits since you don't force yourself into a diet that you find very hard to keep up.
So look for ways to lighten favorite sweets recipes to make them healthier for you.
Loving sweets is not to excuse not to loose weight - see it as a challenge to in
corporate and adapt your favorite sweets into your new and improved eating habits!

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Excuse #5 - I feel sabotaged all the time

If your family and / or friends don't it well take you seriously or mean and keep offering you food that you should not eat, do not despair.
There still is help and support available!
First you should try and talk to your family / friends and make them understand what this losing weight means to you, and how much it would mean to you if they start to support your decision for a healthier life. 
Ask for their understanding and support. Most of the time, they will get it.
But if you still need more support, you can therefore go online – there are many weight loss support sites and forums where you can share your experiences with others, connect with like minded people and find help.
Excuse #6 - I have to eat out a lot

Even if you have to eat out a lot, it doesn't mean it will counteract your weight loss, and you should certainly not make it to excuse for not losing weight.
There are so many restaurants these days that offer healthy, low carb and / or low fat food alternatives, you can easily start making food choices that will help you loose weight. Healthy choices are meals with chicken or fish, and less noodles, potatoes or rice.
Make sure you drink a lot of water with your meals, most complimentary restaurants offer water (at least here in 
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Excuse #7 - I Have to cook meals for the whole family

I have been through this, always thinking that I can't possibly start to cook different meals for everybody. But you know what? 
Just cook the meal you have planned for you for your whole family! Make the meals you all love with healthy substitutes. 
I for example have recently swapped pasta for wholemeal pasta and rice for brown rice, but I still try and avoid those carbohydrates all together. 
Not only will you loose weight, but you'll help keep your family healthy too.

I hope these tips to deal with weight-loss excuses will give you the power to overcome what is holding you back in losing weight.


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