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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Causes of pain in the abdomen

 Causes of pain in the abdomen

Pain in the abdomen is sometimes referred to as abdominal cramps, and it is often attached to the digestion of parts of the human body. 
There are several reasons for this pain and the different area of the body pain helps in determining. 
There are various tests that will be carried out to establish the various causes for the pain and some of the main causes are discussed below.

The abdominal pain could be one of the causes constipation. 
It is common for a number of people by the difficulty of the digestive tract to displace the waste materials from the body. 
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The pain can be caused by the extra work the muscles in the push are exposed, such as it exerted a lot of pressure on the abdomen.

Appendicitis is another possible cause of pain in the abdomen. Hernia can beat even the pain due to the prominent soft tissue cause the abdominal wall.

 Another cause for this pain could suffer testicular torsion, which occurs in men, the testicles wound. 
This pain often comes in span, and if its worse, the pain does not go away.
In women, there are various factors that could cause the pain in the abdomen. Ectopic pregnancy could be one of the following reasons. 
It occurs when the fertilized egg in an area other than the uterus is found. 
The pain is intense in the right lower abdomen when the egg is in the fallopian tube. At the time of menstruation cramps may cause this pain and the intensity varies from a woman to another. 
Pelvic pain caused by the inflammation of the bladder or cystitis can also cause abdominal pain.

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Pain may also come from the fallopian tubes, ovaries or uterus, and is located on the basin. Also this pain in women can cause dysmenorrhea, which occurs during the menstrual period. 
Some diseases of the reproductive organs in women such as endometriosis, fibroids and pelvic inflammatory disease can also cause abdominal pain.

There are diseases that could cause the abdominal pain in men and women. Cancer is an example of these diseases, it comes in various designs such as colon cancer, ovarian cancer, or colon cancer.
 Cancer causes severe pain in the patient affected areas of the body and the above types which would affect abdominal areas of the body. 

Kidney stones, tumors and aneurysms are another example of diseases that can cause this kind of pain. Chron disease and diverticulitis are diseases, which cause the colon to get inflammation, the pain on the left lower part of the abdomen.

Food poisoning could be another cause of the abdominal pain. When you eat food that contains a parasite or bacteria, a gastrointestinal disease, the causes of pain in the lower left part of the abdomen. 
Food poisoning usually takes 1 to 48 hours after the food is piece of ore. 
Abdominal aortic aneurysm causes associated abdominal pain. 
It occurs in the instance, if area fractions to leakages, resulting the aorta in the abdomen can be found, result in swelling, paleness and excruciating pain in the lower abdomen.
Pain in the abdomen is very common in pregnant women. 

There are high cases of complaints about this pain amongst pregnant women and they are caused by different factors. 
The common and obvious cause is the round ligaments stretch to include the fetus. This causes that minor or moderate pain on the lower abdomen of pregnant woman. The action of the uterus, which are preparing for the upcoming birth could cause some pain experienced in the lower parts of the abdomen. 
Severe abdominal pain should be checked during pregnancy however immediately by a qualified practitioner.
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This pain to lower abdomen can range from soft tenderness to pain that is severe. The pain could intermittent or continuous and largely during activities like running or jogging could be considered strenuous. 
The characteristics of the pain are very different, as they are determined by their individual causes. 
It would be wise to enable a proper diagnostic study on this pain to an accurate diagnosis have you can get adequate treatment of pain.
Pain in the abdomen


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