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Friday, 6 January 2012

My top 10 strategies for weight loss in 2012

 My top 10 strategies for weight loss in 2012
Are you ready to move the weight loss in 2012? Planning the way to lasting success with my Top 10 permanent weight management strategies for the year 2012
  Revitalize your health. How? Renew yourself. Sit back and relax for 10 minutes a day, meditating, or doing tai chi or yoga.  
Finding themselves. How? Broadcast your life with more love and joy, and meaning.
 Take a long time this week and find out what interests you most.  
Touch with what gives meaning to your life and the purpose is to arouse enthusiasm for the year 2012. Step back, and then determine how to lose weight will help.
A taste of life. How? But now begin to live in the past or the future.

Begin to taste delicious dishes.
 Slow down, chew, and taste. It will help you eat less.
Post the goal. How? Establish realistic goals of weight loss for this year.  

Starting with an initial target for the loss of 50-10% of body weight instead of trying to lose a large amount of weight to increase your chances of lasting results.
Watch what you eat and drink and your physical activity. How?

Monitoring what you eat and drink.
Buy food and exercise daily, or find one online.
Record everything that you consume at least 3 days.
Review and decide what changes to make.
 Weighing, measuring what you eat and drink. 
 Add up the calories each day because they count. 
 Find the calories in the book, online, or use the control panel labels of foods to see how many calories you consume.
Your perspective.

Selection and abundance. How? Embrace life.  
Living moving toward what you want in life. Avoid foods excessively and feel guilty about what you eat and drink. Taste the foods you love selectively.Adopt the right mindset. How? The student should be.  
Abandon fixed ideas and limiting beliefs and discover new things every day to learn the science that can be cultivated intelligence.
Replace the trigger emotional overeating. How? The discovery of negative emotions that cause you to overeat and to replace them.

When you have the desire to eat out which emotions go with him.
Ask yourself, is the emotional triggers?  
Then create an action plan and follow-up. For example:
I eat when bored.
Action plan: Invite a friend (instead of eating).Choose a meal plan for you. How? Choose a meal plan that fits your lifestyle or create new ones.
Start by filling half your plate with fruits and vegetables.  
Then do at least half whole wheat.Increase your physical activity. How? To get started. 
 Range of activities as they give some physical activity is better than nothing. Gradually build up to at least 2 hours and 30 minutes per week of moderate aerobic activity (or equivalent) with strength training twice a week.Start with a maximum of three of these strategies.
Choose the ones that are realistic and can be part of your lifestyle.
After that, it will be easier to make and keep New Year's resolution this year to get the weight loss out of the fun go out and lose weight once and for all.These strategies, which choose to move the weight loss in 2012?Kay Loughrey, a nutrition expert and registered dietitian and national reputation. It 'also the creator of Down and Win Thin, a new pilot program for permanent weight management.The interlocutor of the Ministry of Health of Health and Human Services, Kay has helped to launch the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 and also participated in three national initiatives.
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