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Friday, 6 January 2012

How can I lose weight in a month?

 How can I lose weight in a month?
In many cases, for various reasons, people ask the question "How do I lose weight in a month?" It should be clear that a proper diet is necessary to achieve this goal.  
Should be based on a proper diet around eating lean protein, vegetables, legumes and some grains, fruits and a little 'healthy fat and a generous amount of water. 
 They should be all refined sugars and fried foods completely avoided, as well as fast food and sugary snacks.These factors aside, the most important aspect of proper diet is calories.
It should also be regularly monitored calories, but be careful to avoid calories and is almost like eating foods that contain too many calories.
If the body is not getting enough calories, the body begins to believe that there is a shortage of food, calories and starts depending on the hoarding.This is known as the normal pattern of a famine.  
Your body will store extra calories and fat in each one enters, no one knows when it will get more food. 
 This will not help your diet and weight loss plans at all, in fact this is very harmful to your proposed plans and weight loss.
It can be for things like drinking soda, fruit juice and other sweetened drinks add up the calories you already have, as alternatives to drinking fruit juice, natural and, above all, water, and will help you achieve your goals and loss of weight.
Generally advised to consume at least 1200 calories a day for women and 1500 men.
Make sure not to let you plan your diet to go under these numbers, or it can have a negative impact on your health.So if you're one of those people who ask: "How can you lose weight in a month?" You will need to plan a diet and think clearly seen in the follow-up the next four weeks. 
 Select a date to start your diet and start to clean up the kitchen cupboard of all those fatty foods, and replace it with all the foods suggested above. 
 Also remember, the secret is not just what you eat, you should keep in mind that when you eat is as important as what and how much is consumed.  
Be sure to eat every three hours or so.
If you eat more, you will increase your metabolism and start to lose fat faster. 
 In this way provides your body with a constant flow of energy in small amounts, and as a result, I kept blood sugar at a constant level and your body thinks there is enough food, but never enough to be used in a once and doesn 't get a great opportunity to store not.
On the other hand, if you eat much less, and sugar in the blood begins to oscillate.  
Burn the fat right before a meal, but more fat stores right after meals, which eliminates the efforts you are doing and lose weight at all.  
I hope this article has helped answer the question "How do I lose weight in a month?"
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