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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Your Fitness With Weigh Training

Your Fitness With Weigh Training
You've been plugging away at the gym for a while 'time, and the results were good. But now you're ready to mix things up a little 'more, and add something new to the mix of training to bring out some new gains. 
 Have you considered giving a shot explosive training?
This type of training involves moving through your reps set at a pace very fast speed.  

Most of the time when you exercise, you are using a highly controlled, slow motion to move the weight from point A to point B. 
 With this training, you are working to activate the fast twitch muscle fibers, as they have never been targeted before, starting each rep as quickly as possible in a safe manner. 
 Each workout chest, for example, still contain 16 sets of slope, slope, flat, then the crossover movement, of course.
After all, you're still targeting the same muscle groups using the same exercises, same sets and patterns of repetition itself. 
 Simply use a bit 'over weight, and work to move between each repetition faster than you're used to doing. 
 This means your muscles are doing less work, and your tendons are doing a little 'bit more work, but it will also mean that you can move more weight for more reps.
You are not cheating - you're exploding - in each repetition.
When using explosive training, you should understand that you are going to be making a huge demand on different systems in your body.  

The central nervous system, of course, will assist your tired muscles in the recovery from such training.  
But the joints and tendons will also take quite a beating.
In order to give your body the tools it needs to recover from this type of training, you want to add a couple of days off to leaven the mix and total caloric intake, particularly in the form of protein and Solid sources of carbohydrates. 
 Work to remove the stressors from your life as many as possible as well.  
More sleep, less stress and relax every chance you get.
You can only use the explosive training in your workouts, or maybe just an exercise for each body part.

Maybe you want to give your workout ¼ or ½ of this style, to see if it works for you.
You'll get explosive power that will help you in all aspects of training and in life - Give it a shot!


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