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Saturday, 24 December 2011

What are Biggest Threats In Bodybuilders' Health

What are Biggest Threats In Bodybuilders' Health
I was a bodybuilder. You are a great man. You are a strong man. If you've been training for several years and has been dominated by 200 pounds in size, and then probably use the most is you feel like Superman. Whether in the supermarket, bar, and the workplace, or in other places, you feel invincible, carrying about 50 pounds of muscle your peers are not.
However, I was not invincible. 
 Despite all the chicken and broccoli are eaten, although the way in which pressure can be small pieces of fruit pressure of the individual, they are human like everyone else. In fact, bodybuilding lifestyle that can be put at a higher level of risk faced by your colleagues. To read!
Kidney damage
Can be a way of life in bodybuilding very tough on the body. If you follow the sport of bodybuilding, you are probably already aware of kidney damage that has been supported by many of the competitors (especially at the end of 1990) for the use of diuretics.  

However, ephedrine can over the long term, steroids, and of course, the long-term continuous high blood pressure (common in men with 200 pounds or more in which) may cause kidney damage as well. Work with your doctor to complete a team of blood every 18 to 24 months to ensure all goes well on the front kidney!
Heart disease, high blood pressure
If you subscribe to "bulking diet 'to the standards of bodybuilding, then you may be fat and cholesterol consumption to levels much higher than your colleagues. Pay attention to these things. If you look incredible, it may not work in completely, and this is most important.
Damage to the joints and tendons
This will not kill you, but it can definitely make your trip one is good here on earth! 1 - representative of the maximum lift raises the question does not believe the joints and tendons, which can lead to cases that need surgery down the road.  

Train hard, but not for the exercise of undue pressure on the connective tissue that holds together all of your muscles!
The use of testosterone can lead to artificial growth of the prostate.  

The use of growth hormone can lead to growth in the body grow much faster than Mother Nature would not be expected.
Has exploded on the chemical side of bodybuilding over the past 2 decades, but we are still unaware of some of the long-term implications of the use of artificial T, GH, IGF - 1, insulin and other medications. Warning!


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