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Friday, 30 December 2011

Foods You Must Avoid If You Want to Burn Belly Fat

Foods You Must Avoid If You Want to Burn Belly Fat
If you want to build your abs abs then there are certain foods that you should completely avoid or at least keep to a minimum.
5 The following foods are some of the worst foods you can eat, instead of losing weight and belly fat, these foods will just pile more weight on you to avoid these foods as much as possible.
Salad dressings / sauces
These are full-fat terrible, but the funny thing is, they are often advertised as healthy.

They contain corn syrup which is full of fat and sugar very bad and should be avoided at all costs.  
There are a lot of healthy options to choose from in order to consider the opportunity to greet their own versions at home.
fruit juices
The only type of juice you should drink is freshly squeezed, they make you. 

 Dont't also believe all the waste that the labels say they are freshly squeezed, because they are not. 
 They are pack full of chemicals and sugar.
If you have a car at home and then by all means make yourself orange juice, but avoid all other kinds of fruit juice shops and supermarkets, will just pack more fat on you.
Butter and margarines are high in saturated fat and should be avoided if you are trying to lose belly fat.

 There are some butters that are actually filled with a lot of good fats, but 99.9% of them should always be avoided. 
 The faster you get used to remove this food from the eating plan, then the faster you lose belly fat and see the abdominal muscles.
Types of bread are actually one of the main reasons why so many people struggle to get rid of stubborn belly fat.  

The bread is rich in corn and only puts more fat on your stomach, rather than burn out.
If your going to have bread every now and then the bread, which is the lesser of two evils, but also with the black bread that does not want too much, why do not you do a favor to lose belly fat.
Fast food / take out
The famous fast food and take-out.  

As you probably know you should be keeping these to a minimum because these are one of the worst things you can possibly eat if you want to burn fat.
Most fast food is processed and made of trans fat oils which is full of saturated fat. 
 We all eat out and this is fine, but do it in moderation and do not eat too often. 
 Remember that foods are best for eating fresh foods, meats, fruits and vegetables.
Following a plan of eating fresh foods will start to burn belly fat and see your abs through abs in no time and fitness


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