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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Understanding weight loss medications and their side effects on your health

Several drugs belong to the class of the Phenethylamine and with similarities to amphetamine in pharmacology as effective medicines for weight loss used. 
They also serve as an approved appetite suppressants in the medical field help remove overweight, especially when combined with diet, exercise and behavior modification. 
Yet they are used only for a short time. 
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They are mainly for those patients that prescribed conditions but only by a qualified physician facing higher medical risks by being overweight.
 The doctor would study the current state of health of the patient before prescribing. 
There are however, some side effects with weight-loss drugs, which you should be aware of before they stop taking. 
The fact is that the exact side effects of fat loss not exactly decided drugs since it has only been in the last time. Sufficient studies were not conducted to reach final decisions about their side effects.
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Benefits of weight reduction medications
Weight loss drugs work you will feel very good as a suppressant appetite by making full after meals for a long time. Therefore, the people, especially the overweight and obese patients tend to restrict their normal food intake daily. This automatically leads to weight loss. 
Fat loss drugs have relative tolerance levels for most people.
 Weight reduction drugs should be strictly but in the short term to be effective drugs for only a few months.
Side effects of weight reduction medications
Most of the side effects of weight-loss drugs are in the short term, but some of them would have the long-term impact. 

The most important side effect of fat loss is their ability to increase the heart rate in making blood pressure, medication. In addition, these medicines promote your nervous system, causing the brain to assume that you will be completely consumed. 
However, they work in the same way as other amphetamines.
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 If already under any kind of heart-circulatory problem suffering when you approach your doctor for weight loss, you doctor about your present state of inform, so that the prescription of certain fat loss medications, you avoid the doctor.
The other less common side effects of weight-loss drugs, but that could be more difficult are
• Seizures or convulsions
• Fever
• Hallucinations
• Bizarre behavior
• Aggression or extreme restlessness
• Sudden mood or mental changes
• Increased blood pressure
• Irregular or fast heart beat
• Alternating periods of depression and mania
• Shake, shake or tremble
• Headaches, fainting or dizziness
Several other side effects area also with weight-loss drugs possible and therefore should be included them only on prescription.


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