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Sunday, 25 December 2011

We can not at peak levels of performance 100% of the time.
If you think you do, the reality is likely to provide 80% of all your potential at that time.
Which is impossible to maintain a higher concentration and performance, and delivers everything you do, every day. You get tired and lose your concentration and bring to the table, sometimes less.
When it comes to training and apply the same principles.  

Training in this way all the time is not realistic to expect that he has. 
 The central nervous system will need to rest. 
 Joints and muscle fibers and receptors intention of tires when used continuously at high levels, all the time.
Many professional athletes and coaches believe that training periods in the intensity of 100%, and realize your potential to reach failure on all sets at once, to achieve concrete results that you stick with every year.

 You can train at 80 or 90% more each year of potential, but that may not be sufficient to facilitate the growth of new muscle, leading to a situation in which one looks the same all year round!
A solution to this quagmire is to force your body to train at maximum intensity for a period of 6 weeks, respectively, and then consciously make an effort to reduce the size of your workout a little 'for 2 weeks.

This does not mean that you are lazy and worthless to the gym for two weeks.
 On the contrary, is simply to put an end to the groups might be a bit 'of residual gas in the tank, or repeat one or two at your disposal.  
To keep the muscle you certainly have been built in this period of 6 weeks, giving your body rest.
You should also consider strengthening your diet at the same time.  

For those 6 weeks that you are working hard to train with intensity of 100% all the time, be sure to complete exercise discipline in the kitchen as well!
Do not miss meals. 
 Give your body the necessary 35-50 grams of protein every 3 hours without failure. 
 You can skip some meals, and enjoy a little 'junk food during that period of 2 weeks once they arrive.  
At present, it is necessary to perform the personal goal of 100% while you're eating in the formation of 100%.
You can not be perfect all the time.  

However, training (and nutrition) as this allows you to plan mental "loophole" to go crazy with the intensity of light at the end of the tunnel in sight.  
This will help to relax your mental focus, and as we all know, the mental side is half of bodybuilding!
If you want to get the best shape of your life - you must check the primary muscle.


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