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Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Training Partner

 A Training Partner
Training in the gym is a microcosm of society itself. There are people who are lonely, and those that work best with a partner, and those that bloom in the group.
We saw all the people on the train alone, with partners, in groups, with the help of others.
All methods have their advantages and disadvantages.
When you're trying to get to what is known as bulking phase - in terms of runaway gains in muscle mass and strength at the same time put on weight, and then with a partner is a good idea. Let's take a look at some of the reasons.
Security training
First, you're going to lift more weight than you have ever.

For more repetition, too! Training will be failure. What is failure?  
Simply put, it means that you can not move it further out of balance. However, it is not a problem if you're repping the leg extension machine, but what would happen if your point of view of failure happens to occur in the mid-way through the rehearsal number 11 of a series of squats with 315 pounds on your back? It is likely to provide "good impression" on those around you, and maybe even the floor.  
Training with a partner to ensure you have someone to remove 10% of the weight bar with the payment of a safe place is simple, and allow the repetition of the competition without hurting yourself, others, or on the floor of your gym, very nice.
Continue 'Em honest
Do not let the final iteration of the shift in the series continues for a period of about 60% of the movements of the movement because they are tired. 

 Do not allow yourself to skip the last movement because you do not want to wait for the device to open. 
 And having a friend at the gym will make you stay to complete the required number of repetitions and sets, it is necessary to achieve new gains in muscle!
Cooking together
It may be difficult to cook meals and many are required to ensure that you have a surplus of 500-1000 calories per day, is not it? 

 Why not give half of the duties of cooking for your training partner! One can make you a ton of meals on Monday, Tupperware, and the other can make a lot of meals on Thursday.
So you can do Sunday in the men "on a buffet!" Instead, both the people and the preparation of meals and a half of the trade to ensure variety.
However, the comparative advantage of each other's efforts, Get Cookin.
Nothing keeps the motivations of young people rather than competition.

We will see your partner in order to achieve redundancy ° 11 is expected to ensure you find a bit of energy and seek to repeat · Your Account 12. Competition, but do it safely, do not let the other person will excel in the gym.
Fortunately, shipment happy!


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