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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Belly Fat & How To Burn Fat

Belly Fat & How To Burn Fat
If you are looking for better ways to burn belly fat then you forget to do all the exercises that ordinary people tell you to do if you really want to lose the fat from the belly.
Below will reveal three of the best exercises you can do that will put your metabolism into overdrive so that it starts to burn more body fat than ever.
Burpees are one of the best exercises you can do if your serious about losing body fat.

 The reason why Burpees are a great fat burning exercise is because they are an exercise in all the body and this means that you burn more calories if you do them.
 When you use them the legs and torso at the same time in order to maximize the amount of calories burned. 
 The best way to do Burpees is to include some exercises with others, at the same time as a circuit.
Rolling box jumps
These are awesome for burning fat, because you're using some of your legs and upper body to perform the exercise, which means your body burns more fat.

All you have to do this is a bench.
There as normal with the exception of box jumps start and finish the exercise on the floor in a crunch position. 
 You can do box jumps on a rotation basis alone, but to make things a little 'more interesting and entertaining your best to include them with some other exercises.
Hop Ball Burpees
These may seem like Burpees normal, but in reality are a little 'different, because it uses a ball when doing the exercise. 

 These are real killers, and if you want to jump-start your metabolism so definitely include these in your training or circuits.
I often include ball Burpees hop in my workouts and I am one of the best exercises to burn fat you can do to not only work the legs but the entire upper body and your soul, that makes you burn more calories doing any boring standards exercises like the treadmill or stepper.
These 3 super-high-fat burning exercises are just some that you can begin to include in your workouts & fitness

If you include these exercises in your workouts on a regular basis you start to strip away stubborn belly fat really fast.


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